Why it Works

Why become a member?

why become a memberThe AEA is composed of Akron and Summit County area business professionals who actively generate business for fellow members. As a member of the AEA, your business benefits from greater exposure via an executive sales team that helps market your products and/or services. 

Broaden your network and grow your business.

AEA members regularly access valuable insight into other industries and local business developments that may impact your business and thus give you the competitive edge to act. In addition, the AEA provides a forum for its members to discuss business or financial challenges among peers and professionals who have their best interests in mind.   

International Business

The Akron Executives Association also belongs to an International Executives Association which enables all local members to do business across the world with reputable firms. 

AEA Membership Benefits

  • Each industry is represented by only one member firm making for high value relationships among members that are non-competitive
  • Leverage the knowledge of members for general business problems, labor relations, advertising, sales management, PR, production methods, etc.
  • Ensure the highest standard of quality of supplies
  • Members seek each other for advice and counsel
  • Prestige: each company and its representatives are carefully screened and the company becomes accepted to a select group who are admitted mainly by invitation only
  • Hone your public speaking skills with weekly addresses which are an integral part of each meeting
  • Golf outings and member parties afford members an opportunity to entertain preferred customers alongside other top executives

How Can You Become a Member?

why become a member 2The Akron Executives’ Association is an exclusive and highly selective association of businesses represented by top executives. Membership is by invitation only. It is limited to one firm in each business or professional classification. Thus, each classification is protected and competition between members is practically non-existent.

If you have been proposed for membership and you wish to join, you will be asked to complete a formal application and submit an entrance fee. This fee will be refunded if your application is not approved. Dues are payable quarterly.

What is Expected of an Akron Executives’ Association Member?

The Executive Representatives of member firms accept responsibility:

  • To attend the regularly scheduled luncheon meetings.
  • To encourage and solicit business from member firms.
  • To provide business to other member firms whenever possible.
  • To provide information and assistance to other member firms when requested.
  • To furnish third party leads and contacts to other firms.
  • To recommend member firms to your own business associates, employees, friends, family.
  • To present classification talks and to participate in annual association social events.

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