I’ve joined or visited other business groups and chambers and believe the AEA stands head and shoulders above.

The weekly format sounds like a big commitment, but turns out to be a great way to accelerate the business relationship building. Monthly meetings tend to be a continual “re-breaking of the ice” while the weekly meeting format facilitates building stronger bonds. I joined the AEA in February 2007 and estimate that I have done business with (or for) no fewer than 47 of the 67 member companies.

I am not aware of other places to build a more diverse network. Not only the direct business we do with each other, but the referral business is considerable, not to mention the varied sources of creativity and expert problem solving across the disciplines.

Of course the friendships and business relationships do not form over night, but week-by-week they do form. I’m a little ashamed to say I get more out of AEA than I am now able to put back in by assuming a leadership role. Imagine what is possible.

Ted Wetzel
The Final Coat

As a member of AEA since its beginning, we have seen the organization grow from Bob Freed’s original plan. 

There have been many changes and challenges over the years but it is gratifying to see how strong and resilient the group remains today.  This strength is due to the commitment of the members to the concept of AEA.

The benefits membership has brought to Air Comfort. Inc. have been outstanding.  The monetary benefits alone have resulted in over 5 million dollars of business since 1963 but the intangible benefits are even more valuable.  We are part of an organization of trusted businesses who are experts in their fields.  Members we can turn to for business and the referrals of our friends, customers, relatives, colleagues, or even strangers with complete confidence.  The weekly commitment of meeting attendance is a very small price to pay for the benefits membership has brought to us.

Gary W. Mumma, P.E. – Vice President
AirComfort, Inc.

We joined AEA in 2001 and it has been a valuable organization to belong to. 

In addiditon to the benifit of the direct business recieved and third party refferals, more importantly, there is a wealth of expertise that we have access to at any time.  There is definate value in belonging to AEA!

Juhi Nelson
Computer Solutions and Management

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