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MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION to the AKRON EXECUTIVES’ ASSOCIATION Instructions for Applicant Sponsor 1. Return completed application, credit check form to: aeaakron@gmail.com 2. Upon receipt of completed applications, AEA will send a online invoice for $ 300.00 for your application fee and your dues for the quarter. Once the application fee is paid online AEA will begin the application review process. a. Copies of membership application form are sent to members of Membership Investigative Committee for review b. A credit check of the applicant is conducted by Pickard Commercial Group c. The following applicant information is published to AEA members for 2 weeks: i. i. Classification; ii. ii. Name and address of firm; iii. iii. Names and titles of representative, co-rep and/or alternate; iv. Iv. Other relevant information, as appropriate. 3. At the same time Membership Committee will investigate the prospect as to desirability, and if acceptable to them, will recommend to the Board of Trustees that the prospect be accepted for membership. a. If no member raises a valid objection during the 10 days after publication and the membership investigative committee finds the applicant fulfills all AEA membership requirements, then that committee will make its recommendation to the Board of Trustees to be considered at the next regular Board meeting. b. After the Board of Trustees has acted on this proposal, its findings shall be made known to the prospect. NOTE: The prospective member is invited to attend two meetings prior to submitting their application with no fee incurred by sponsor or prospect. The sponsor will be held responsible for lunch costs for any meetings beyond two. Once an application has been submitted, the applicant is not to attend until the decision is announced.
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